Proper care following your Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo procedure is necessary to achieve best results.

Treatment is for seven days afterwards:

  1. An Ice pack can be applied to reduce swelling.
  2. When washing face, wash around the treated area.
  3. A thin film of VASELINE must be applied before showering, exercise or swimming. This acts as a protective barrier.
  4. Do not pick the scabs, even if it looks patchy.  They usually come off day 3 and 4.  The longer scab is on the better the result.

EYELINER Tattoo Care: Use an earbud to apply a thin layer of Vaseline twice a day, especially before showering. No lash tints, lash extensions or mascara for 7 days.

EYEBROW Tattoo Care: Apply Vaseline twice a day, especially before showering, or exposure to water or sweat.

LIPLINER Tattoo Care:  Apply a thin layer of Vaseline throughout the day eg. before eating, drinking, brushing teeth, showering, swimming.  A clean lipliner pencil may be used to fill colour inside the lips. NB If you have a history of cold sores – follow our pre-procedure advices here.

As the scabs come off the tattoo will look too light. It takes three weeks to see the correct end result colour.

Second sessions, if needed, and within three months, are charged at:

Brows R700

Lip liner R600/Full lips R950

Eyeliner top and bottom R700/top or bottom R400