• Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo results

Eyebrows - Permanent Makeup Tattoos

Eyebrows are one of our most important features, and now a very natural technique ie MICROBLADING, 3D BROWS, EMBROIDERY TECHNIQUE, OR FEATHER TECHNIQUE can be used to create individual hair strokes.  No more ‘tattooed’, solid-looking brows!

Three things are crucial in achieving the perfect brows:

  1. Colour    Pigments varying from soft blondes, greys, through various browns to black are mixed according to individuals colouring or to match your favourite eyebrow pencil colour.
  2. Shape   Great care is taken in drawing on the perfect shape for your face.
  3. Technique   This can vary from very natural strokes to slightly more defined, from more temporary to more permanent depending of individuals requirements, using different techniques either using a manual hand tool or a machine, sometimes both.

For clients that are cautious, we recommend to start more conservatively and rather add more in further sessions.

Clients needs may vary from:

  1. Simply enhancing sparse brows - through over plucking or hormone loss
  2. Light brows that require constant tinting or pencil
  3. Creating balance for uneven eyebrows
  4. Tweaking ones shape to create the ultimate shape for your face
  5. Creating an arch or lift for more mature clients to create an eye-lift effect
  6. Full set of brows for clients with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy