• Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Cape Town

Permanent Eye Liner

Permanent Eye liner cosmetic tattoos involves enhancing the eyes; top, bottom or both; either a soft natural look or a thicker, more defined line.

Cosmetic Tattoos are helpful to people with:

  1. allergies to make-up
  2. bad sight; who struggle to apply make-up
  3. loss of lashes through alopecia or chemotherapy
  4. tired, heavy eyes that need a lift
  5. OR anyone wanting neat; smudge-free; time-saving; hassle-free definition on their eyes.

Shades of brown, grey, blue, turquoise, green, purple, charcoal or black are available.

We recommend a every day, ‘get up and go’ look, and to use more neutral charcoal , brown tones and rather add make up for a heavier, evening look.