LIP Tattoos

  • Lipliner Tattoo Cape Town

Lip liner cosmetic tattoos has different applications to create different looks:

  1. giving definition to pale lips
  2. adding fullness to thin lips
  3. giving a youthfulness to older lips – a lift and fullness
  4. to help correct uneven lips
  5. OR replacing a lip–liner pencil, mixing to a colour of your choice.

There are three options:

  1. Lipliner
  2. Lipliner with shading – to blend the line into the lipcolour
  3. Full lip colour gives colour to pale lips or for lipstick that lasts all day!

Pigments will be mixed according to individuals requirement; from soft lip tones to darker more defined colours.  A specific lip-pencil can be matched.

Shapes are drawn on before commencing.

We recommend stay with natural lip colours, so it looks naturally more defined and good without lipstick.