Welcome to Cape Town's most experienced PERMANENT MAKE-UP Studio.  Feel confident that you are in the hands of a specialist who has performed many thousands of procedures on clients.

Otherwise known as COSMETIC TATTOOING; PIGMENT IMPLANTATION; MICROPIGMENTATION; MICROBLADING; EMBROIDERY METHOD; FEATHER TECHNIQUE; 3D method - this technique enhances and gives definition to eyebrows; lips and eyes.

Pigments are placed under the skin by means of superficial scratching, using a machine or hand tool.

Every procedure is specifically tailored to each individual’s requirements – including client’s age, colouring and face shape – varying from very soft definition of one’s features, to more of a make-up look.

The end result is to enhance and tweak your features and give you neat, time-saving, hassle-free, smudge-free make up that allows you to get up and go with confidence.