Welcome to Cape Town's most experienced PERMANENT MAKE-UP Studio.  Feel confident that you are in the hands of specialists who have performed thousands of procedures on clients.

We offer: Cosmetic Tattooing known as permanent make up. Both shaded or hair stroke brows. Eyeliner, lip liner and full lips.

Every procedure is specifically tailored to each individual’s requirements – including client’s age, colouring and face shape – varying from very soft definition of one’s features, to more of a make-up look.

The end result is to enhance and tweak your features and give you neat, time-saving, hassle-free, smudge-free make up that allows you to get up and go with confidence.


Treatments that we offer: areola tattooing after mastectomies , scar camouflage this works well with hypo-pigmented areas from accidents, surgery or vitiligo.

Tattoo Removal: We remove tattoos or permanent make up using a procedure where a liquid is tattooed into the area that breaks up and lifts the ink particles to the surface of the skin.

Vein Removal: Removal of small red capillaries (couperose) from the skin on the face. Fast, effective, and quick healing by means of cauterization.